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The luxury Equi-Trek Super Sonic horsebox has been designed to carry up to two horses safely and economically.This box is 4 ton. This box has the capasity to carry 1400kg in weight

The Sonic horsebox is equally as economical and can be driven on our insurance by anyone 25 years or over no extra licence needed.This box is 3.5 ton.Which means it has the capasity to carry 1080 kg in weight

Horse Area

Ramp: Lightweight, wide full height ramp covered with rubber and aluminum tread rails. It is fitted with gas struts for easy lifting.

Loading doors: GRP ramp safety doors to aid loading.

Walls: Lined with high impact kick boards.

Partition: Fully adjustable partition to accommodate different sized horses.

Breast bar: Full width padded breast bar.

Ventilation: Four opening windows and a roof vent.

Tie rings: Two horse tie rings and two hay net tie rings.

Lighting: One interior light.

Access: Door through to the tack/changing room.



Grooms/Tack Room

Door: Rear grooms door with slide out step giving access to tack/ changing area and also horse area.

Ventilation: Three opening windows.

Floor: Cushion flooring.

Storage: Two saddle racks, two bridle racks and two coat hooks.

Main Body

Body: GRP and fibreglass for low maintenance.

Floor: Strong aluminium floor covered with heavy duty rubber.

Tie Rings: Two external tie rings. Colour/Graphics: White with graphite trim as standard. Any other colour/graphic available at extra cost.

Guarantee: One year Equi-Trek guarantee.

Spare Wheel: As standard, we provide a spare wheel. We also provide a tyre weld and inflator so that where the maximum payload is required; you may choose not to carry the spare wheel which weighs 30kg. In the event of an emergency, in most cases, the tyre weld will enable you to continue with your journey.


Internal Dimensions Super Sonic
External Dimensions Super Sonic
Horse Area Ft.ins mm Body Area Ft.ins mm
Length (D) 9'1" 2768 Length (A) 20"10' 6365
Width (E) 6'8½" 2046 Width (B) 6'9½" 2070
Height 7'6" 2286 Height 9'5" 2870
Tack/Changing Area
Length (G) 3'6¾" 1085 Approx. Weight Super Sonic
Width (E) 6'8½" 2045 Front Axle Max Load
Height 7'6" 2286 Back Axle Max Load
Unladen Weight 2600kg
Gross Weight 4000kg
Max. Payload 1400kg


Equi-Trek Super Sonic horse box dimensions


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